Toy Soldiers & Scenery for Children's Activities  

Bold Frontiers of Melbourne ...  Australian dealers for Armies in Plastic (USA) - History themed, quality 54mm toy soldiers for children (from 6 years of age), teenagers and adults.

Our toy soldiers and natural terrain scenery playsets are highly affordable and Great Value!  

  • Traditional style toys.  The style of 'thinking toys' that can help develop children's imaginations and get them interested in subjects that will benefit them throughout life such as history, geography and literature. 

  • Excellent for school projects.  Toy soldiers are great toys to enjoy a great adventurous game and also learn at the same time.  Not many children like history lessons with just text books. Teachers can use our soldiers to help children learn from the past and give them a better understanding of the world today.  Bold Frontiers forest trees will add to the fun and adventure by creating an authentic looking battleground and providing defensive cover for figures when needed.  

  • Practical and versatile.  Bold Frontiers forest trees are designed for strategic use in games, unlike other types of model trees that are often more decorative than anything else.  Our forest trees are quick to assemble and pull apart again so that they can be easily stored away flat and tidy till the next time they are required.  

  • Great gifts for children.  And our products are wonderful for themed birthday parties too!  

Armies in Plastic toy soldiers are made of soft plastic and their colours relate closely to actual uniform colours.  




For ideas on using our tree models in your games,  follow us on pinterest.- Toy Soldiers, Trees & Battles.  

The pictures provide an historical context for the toy soldiers that we sell, while the pictures of forests relate to the model trees that Bold Frontiers designs and manufactures for your toy soldier games.  Not all battles were fought in and around forts and castles!  Many were fought in open countryside or in forests.