Toy Soldiers & Scenery for Children's Activities  

Bold Frontiers designs scenery playsets for toy soldier games and is the Australian dealer for Armies in Plastic 54mm, history themed toy soldiers.  


Over the past year or so, many parents have discovered toy soldiers as an alternative to other styles of toys available in mainstream toy shops which generally do not adequately cater for boys between 7-14 years of age.

Parents are also discovering the value of our tree playsets, which are a practical and versatile games accessory. These tree models are specifically designed for interactive play with toy soldiers rather than as a decorative item.  In historical terms, battles between armies were more likely to be fought in natural terrain, such as forests or fields, rather than in castles and towns. 


Toy Soldier Battle Packs for Kids...


In 2017, Bold Frontiers will be placing greater emphasis on creating suggestions for different kinds of playsets. A key part of this concept will be our bumper sized  play pack, the Toy Soldier Battle Packconsisting of 18-20 figures, depending on the number of figures in each box set.  While we sell full box sets of infantry figures primarily to our adult customers, we frequently recommend to parents that they buy the equivalent of two half-boxes of figures for their children. This provides customers with two different styles of figures for a price that is just a little over the price of a single box set. With each playset, we include fact cards relating to the relevant figures and a basic set of rules that explains how the trees can be used to best advantage.

Our playsets will  have themes based on historical fact or alternative histories (fiction).  The playsets combining figures and tree sets can also be used for imaginary games featuring toy dinosaurs in lost worlds or mechanical styles of toys such as those created for LEGO's Bionicles series.  

As a business, we actively promote the concept that the best play experience for children has nothing to do with branding.  It is about children using what toys they have in the most creative and imaginative ways.  This is how children of past generations played and it was the way in which they created their best childhood memories, in the least complicated way.



 See how battles  were fought in forests, throughout the ages... 

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The pictures overall provide an historical context for the toy soldiers that we sell.  We have chosen a number of history themed illustrations and other pictures to give some insight into how forests were an integral part of the natural landscape and contributed to influencing the course of many battles throughout history.