Bold Frontiers is a family business located in Melbourne, Australia.  We import high quality, historic-themed toy soldiers from America and design our own illustrated flatpack scenery playsets (specialising in natural terrain) for use with toy soldiers and other small toys that children have in their collections. 

The first range of illustrated, slot-together models is three types of forest tree sets.  The design work for these models was initially inspired by countless bushwalks in the 1990s, but led to an increased awareness of and interest in how landscapes have influenced the nature of historical events. 

Toy soldiers are great “thinking toys”, exciting the imaginations of children and many adults as well.  Playing games with toy or model soldiers is a terrific way of getting people thinking and reading about history and thinking strategically about the world, past and present, and how they can help to steer it in a better direction for the future.   

 Many adult ‘baby boomer’ collectors of toy soldiers know that H.G. Wells, the author of ‘Little Wars’ in the years prior to the Great War (WW1) in 1914, was intrigued by playing games with toy soldiers in the nursery with wooden blocks or in the garden with friends.  H.G. had a strong aversion to war, and advocated that it was much healthier to play games for enjoyment than to experience the real thing.  He was a pacifist, like most of the people who play with toy soldiers today. They belong mostly of the baby boomer generation who grew up with toy soldiers and developed a love of world or niche history as a result.

For wargamers, our scenery challenges the minds of players so that they will become even more absorbed in their interest and really test their strengths and limitations, which is the fun of intelligent game playing.