Traditional toys at pocket-money prices for children between 6-15 years of age

Older children want more challenging and adventurous toys that require them to use their imaginations.  The toy shops of today are realistically only catering for children up to 6-7 years of age, whereas they once catered for young people up to 14-15 years of age.  We believe that modern children should not be deprived of those traditional childhood pleasures that were once taken for granted.

We can provide the best value for children, from about 6 years of age, by customising playsets with enough figures for two well-matched armies that can engage in any kind of battle or skirmish, with or without set rules.  

Our figure playsets work even better with our custom designed tree sets that provide greater interest and scope for toy soldier games, for all ages.  These tree sets can provide the user with a realistic kind of landscape that is easy to move figures through and around, without ever getting in the way of a good game!