Adventurous toys that go back-to-basics

Pocket-money prices

For children from 8 years of age


Bold Frontiers is an online graphic design business in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in designing and manufacturing new kinds of scenic features for use in children's games with traditional 54mm plastic toy soldiers. 

Later this year we will be selling, for the first time, coordinated playsets for children to help them discover and explore, through their imaginations, some key historical events.  These playsets will also include our new lines of free-standing illustrated scenery on card such as rocky terrain, uneven ground, long grass, and desert palm trees with related kinds of vegetation.  

Bold Frontiers Current Sales Policy

Please note that our toy soldier ranges from Armies in Plastic, USA, can only be purchased with our scenery.  These figures will be available in our Battle Packs containing 16-20 figures from 2 opposing armies; fact cards about those armies; and 1 set of basic game rules.  Artillery pieces are the only Armies in Plastic models that we sell in box sets.  

Until we get our new playsets and scenery advertised online:

Buy one or more Toy Soldier Battle Packs ($22 each) with at least 2 sets of Forest Trees ($12 each).  Cost: $46 for 1 Battle Pack and 2 Tree Sets.

As a special deal, purchase all 3 Forest Tree Sets for just $30.

Adventure Play Packs are a perfect introduction to toy soldiers for children.  One pack contains 8 figures (4 per army); army fact cards; 2 small tree models; and 1 set of simple game rules.  Cost: $12.

With a purchase of 3 Adventure Play Packs, we will give you 1 FREE pack of Forest Tree Markers, Set 3, which includes 7 small and versatile models.  Cost: $36.