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What we do


Tell us what you are interested in from our product ranges and we will create a playset to match your tastes and interests.  If you prefer to choose just one kind of figures, we can match those figures with another kind to set you up for a good game.  This is what we do with our Battle Packs which provide between 16 and 20 figures.  We also provide you with Fact Cards about the figures you are buying as background knowledge about those armies in real life, as well as a set of basic rules that can be used for a game with our tree scenery.  

Cavalry and artillery can only be purchased in box sets.

Our tree sets can be bought individually or as a value pack of all three sets.  These models are specially designed for use with 54mm toy soldiers, and are also suitable for games with 28mm figures.  In historical terms, battles were more likely to be fought in natural terrain such as forests or fields, rather than in castles, forts or towns.  If you look at the sliding picture bar, above, you can see how toy soldiers can be used with our tree scenery: either as a backdrop or as an enclosed environment in which simple or more strategic battles can be fought.  

For further ideas about how to use our trees and figures, go to the section titled Using Our Products on the top menu bar.





 See how battles  were fought in forests, throughout the ages... 


For ideas on using our tree models in your games, see Pinterest  - Toy Soldiers, Trees & Battles.

We have chosen a number of history themed illustrations and other pictures to give some insight into how forests were an integral part of the natural landscape and contributed to influencing the course of many battles throughout history.