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For children from 8 years of age


Dear Customer

We are no  longer selling Armies in Plastic figures by the box.  

In January 2021, we will be introducing more specific playsets for children, depicting military and other adventurous themes.  These will include foot figures, cavalry and artillery, and exciting new ranges of scenery such as rocky terrain, tropical jungles, deserts with palm trees, and the scarred battlefields of World War I.  There will also be some economical architectural features to add atmosphere to games with 54mm figures.  


At Present …

We sell Bold Frontiers Battle Packs which consist of 16-20 figures in distinct colours, and interesting Fact Cards relating to the two armies.  Sixteen to 20 figures is enough to play a good game.  In line with our direction in developing playsets for children, these Battle Packs will only be sold with at least two sets of Forest Tree Playsets: Set 3 (Forest Tree Markers) and one other set – either Set 1 or 2.    

  • Costs: Battle Pack $22; two Forest Tree Playsets $12 each. Total cost: $46.
  • As a special deal, you can purchase all three Forest Tree Playsets for just $30.

Adventure Play Packs (blue, cream and grey labels) representing General themes, Australians at War, and World War I respectively are a perfect way of introducing children to toy soldiers. Each pack includes 8 figures (4 per army), Fact Cards, two small tree models and simple game rules. Cost: $12 each.

  • With a purchase of 3 Adventure Play Packs (x $12), we will also include 1 Free pack of Forest Tree Markers (Set 3) which includes 7 small and versatile models. Total cost: $36.