BF-FTM-3 ~ Forest Tree Markers - Set 3


These smaller tree models are designed for battle and skirmish games.

The tree markers, adapted from Forest Tree Screens (Set 1), have cropped tops to allow players to observe and handle their figures without disturbing the trees. The markers can become 'the inside of the forest', helping to bulk it up, while allowing figures to be seen easily from overhead.  

The thick trunks of the markers are ideal for hiding behind and shooting around, and they have apertures for shooting through. 

Pack contents: 7 small slot-together models, punched out from 3 sheets of sturdy cardboard:  

  • 5 marker trees with cropped tops.  
  • 1 fallen tree for shooting over.
  • 1 small tree copse to obstruct line of sight.

Pack size: 29.5cm (H) x 21cm (L) x 0.07cm (W).  [A4 paper size]


Click on central photo to enlarge.


Contents: 5 small tree markers, cropped to half height + 1 fallen tree + 1 small tree copse per set ~ 12 sets per carton