BF-FTM-3 ~ Forest Tree Markers - Set 3



Very versatile models, great for skirmish games and bulking up your forest.

Seven small slot-together tree models, punched out from 3 sheets of sturdy cardboard:  

  • 5 Tree Markers with cropped tops.  
  • 1 fallen tree for shooting over.
  • 1 small tree copse to obstruct line of sight.

The cropped trees are used to represent the larger Tree Screens in Bold Frontiers Forest Tree Playsets 1 and 2.  They mark the spots of the larger trees, which is why they are called Tree Markers.  Figures can be easily seen and moved from overhead, without the trees interfering with the flow of a game. They  represent the interior of a forest, bulking out the forest size, and provide thick trunks for hiding figures behind and shooting around. Unlike the larger Tree Screens, these small trees have apertures large enough for shooting through.

Pack size: 29.5cm (H) x 21cm (L) x 0.07cm (W).  [A4 paper size]


Click on central photo to enlarge.


Contents: 5 small tree markers, cropped to half height + 1 fallen tree + 1 small tree copse per set ~ 12 sets per carton