BF-TSAP1 ~ Toy Soldier Adventure Play Pack


This adventure play pack features figures from a wide range of historical events, as well as combinations of figures that might have fought against each other during particular times in history - had circumstances been different. 

A great starter pack for children wanting to play adventurous games with toy soldiers and scenery. For the youngest of players, say 5 or 6 years of age, games with toy soldiers can be played with or without our rules.   

Contents:  8 infantry figures (4 x 2 opposing armies); fact cards about the armies; two small tree models from Set 3 of our range of Forest Tree Sets; 1 set of basic rules for a game.

Children can expand their collection of figures by referring to set details provided on fact cards.   Those figures will be available in box sets, available from Bold Frontiers.

In some instances, figures relating to one nation are used to represent another, as their uniforms and equipment may be similar or even identical.  



Contents: 8 figures (4 x 2 armies); fact cards about those armies; 2 tree models; rules for a basic game.