AIP-5448 ~ British Infantry - Scots Guards - Egypt & Sudan

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No image set
Buy half a box (10 figures) for $10. Add a half box of any other army for $10 to give yourself enough figures to play a battle.

The red figures in this set are the same figures used in Set #5452 shown here in grey.

TIP:  Australian soldiers of the late Victorian era wore similar uniforms (red jackets, blue trousers, white Tropical Service Helmets) to the British Army.  When khaki became the official uniform colour for British military campaigns (mid 1880s) the white helmets were fitted with khaki cloth covers to make them less conspicuous in the field.   

TIP:  Also use as dismounted (horse) infantry, Zulu Wars.


AIP Item N°: 5448
AIP Box Title: Egypt & Sudan Campaigns - 1882 - Scots Guards - Light Infantry
Contents: 10 poses - 20 figures - 1/32 scale (54mm) soft plastic figures
Colour: Red