AIP-5510 ~ Royal Navy Winter Dress - Zulu War 1879

Buy half a box (10 figures) for $10. Add a half box of any other army for $10 to give yourself enough figures to play a battle.

TIP:  Australian sailors wore similar uniforms to the British Royal Navy.  Australian sailors also wore straw Sennet, or ‘Royal tar’ hats that were designed for wear in warm climates, prior to World War 1.  Hats, with brims turned upwards or downwards, were worn with a tallyband ribbon bearing the ship’s name.

AIP Item N°: 5510
AIP Box Title: Royal Navy Winter Dress - Zulu War - 1879
Contents: 8 poses - 20 figures, 1/32 scale (54mm) soft plastic figures
Colour: Dark Blue