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 Guidelines for Tree Set Ups


Use tree screens to provide dense foliage that can be used as cover for figures:

Set up the tree screens (Sets 2 and/or 3) at about 7.5cm (3 inchesapart so they appear to overlap each other when viewed face on (at 'eye level' of the figures). This tree cover is considered to be too dense to be seen into.


Use tree screens and markers together to create a more challenging and interesting environment:

For best effect, set out the screens and markers (Set 3) at irregular angles from each other, to give the appearance of a maze or obstacle course through which single figures or units can navigate.  For instance, sighted units might suddenly disappear and head off in one or more different directions.

To simulate the more open interior of a forest, place the markers behind the screens.  Additional screen models may be placed randomly amongst the markers to create a blend of dense and open forest.


Use screens and markers together on a large games area to keep track of figures as they move across the area:

If a large area is filled only with the larger tree screen models, players may find it difficult to move their figures across the games area without disrupting or moving the tree models. Also, they may start losing sight of figures - some may get moved a long way while others may get left behind.  This is where forest tree markers become really useful.

When figures are placed in marker sections, between groupings of screens, players can clearly see where the figures are and move them easily from tree to tree as they move into closer contact with an enemy unit. 



You can create different types of tree landscapes by looking at some of the photos in this section and also in our Photo Gallery.  You can also use your imagination to do whatever suits your needs.

Solid wilderness interiors    

Trees can be used to hide figures or as defensive cover for fighting.

Physical barriers  

Trees can be used as natural physical barriers that can add to the atmosphere of the game.

Obstacle courses or mazes   

Trees can be massed together in a mazed effect that will challenge players to guide their figures safely through.

Background settings    

Trees can be set up as small stands of forest or woods bordering open fields.  This can lead to different types of environmental settings and different game scenarios being played out simultaneously in the one game.

Tree islands    

Trees can be clusterd as small islands and surrounded by open spaces such as grasslands or fields.



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