BF-CFTS ~ Wilderness Tree Playset (value pack of all 3 sets)




You can create an impressive wilderness instantly, or just have a ready supply of tree models to select from at any time, to suit the kinds of games you wish to play. They punch out of A4 size cardboard sheets to form free-standing, 3D trees.  

In this package you will receive 13 tree models.  Sets 1 and 2 each contain 3 large tree screen models, and Set 3 contains 7 smaller models, or markers, that represent full size trees.     

TIP:  Read our guidelines (under Using our Products) to see how these tree sets, specially designed for use with toy soldiers, can be used with toy soldiers and other figure types. Discover how they can add to the overall excitement and challenge of your games. They can be set up in any number of ways and used similarly to a fortification such as a toy fort or a castle - giving toy figures a place for cover.