BF-CFTS ~ Wilderness Tree Playset (value pack of all 3 sets)




You can create an impressive wilderness instantly, or just have a ready supply of tree models to select from at any time to suit the kinds of games you wish to play. 

This package contains 13 tree models of varying sizes:

  • 6 large tree screens to hide the secretive movements of figures (Sets 1 & 2); and
  • 7 smaller models (Set 3).  These represent the interior of a forest, bulking out the forest size, and provide thick trunks for hiding figures behind and shooting around.

Models punch out of A4 size cardboard sheets; they are easy and quick to assemble and disassemble and store away as flat pack.       

Read 'Using our Products' for suggestions on setting up the trees in different ways: from simple to more advanced.